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Show yourself on the web


I design websites from simple business cards to complex content management systems (CMS).
So, if you want to exist on the Internet, simply write to me.
Each page is properly optimized for better positioning in search engines.

To accelerate the work on your new website, in e-mail write what you want to put on your website.
If you do not know where to start, here are brief instructions about what information they need.

Basic information that is needed for the valuation of the project are:
  1. Deadline for completion of the page.

  2. type of activity.

  3. Number departments on the page (and thus the number of sub-service), you would like to include, for example, home, offer, photo gallery, driving directions, contacts, etc.

  4. the frequency of updates - how often you want to update it with new content

  5. Do you prefer to manage their own site, or use for this purpose with my service?
    If you update your website yourself, this is related to the need to create a CMS that will help you in such a task.
    However, if the page will be updated very rarely, there is no such need, and any updates can be made through me.

  6. Any additional information that will further prepare the valuation of the page.

This additional information will be very valuable also in the design.

business card page (1 home page) from 300 PLN
standard page (1 home page 5 sub pages) from 500 PLN
from 200 PLN

Correcting websites

If you are dissatisfied with their current site and think that it requires a larger or smaller patches, you can always report to me. We are pleased to make proper adjustments according to your suggestions.

Revisions to customer specification to determine the price

Internet domain registration

If you want to have your own address on the Internet, or domain, happy to help you in the registration.

. com 122 PLN
. com.pl. net.pl. org.pl 122 PLN
. com. net. info. org. biz 70 PLN
. eu 70 PLN
.cz 70 PLN
. sk 100 PLN

Prices negotiable
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